Learning how to meditate effectively is a challenge for which it is worth committing a little of your time each day. It is a skill and it is transformative.

If you live in London, and are willing to try, there is no charge for instruction.

How to meditate....

It means setting aside a little time each day  to  follow  a  simple method which is the basis of all meditation techniques in every age and every culture. In time you  see yourself and the circumstances of your life with different eyes.

​The main pre-requisite is to want to know for yourself what makes life meaningful.

Theories, ideas  and philosophies, however inspiring , are just a beginning. You must make the journey real.

However, even with a genuine wish to try meditation, many feel overwhelmed by the choices available. You may not want to embrace a religious background, nor  a health and relaxation regime.

​The truth is that meditation is beyond both these contexts. It is independent of creed or self-interest.


Method and guidance are essential.

​ I have been meditating for over 40 years and passing on the method in which I have been trained to anyone interested enough to seek out a genuine technique and put it into practice.  

 You are very welcome to try for yourself.