beyond borders

To contemplate deeply, you need to go beyond the borders of your ordinary thinking.  

 For a start, your mind and emotions need to be peaceful and concentrated,

but it is hard for most of us to find the time, to avoid distractions,  not to fall asleep, and to sustain our motivation.

It is helpful to be facilitated by someone else into fresh insights and new perspectives on matters important to us.

Facilitating your own inner wisdom is what this contemplative method is designed to do.

In person or online, this guided method is not about providing answers, but asking the right questions to bring into awareness the knowing we have within us.

Some background:

The terms Contemplation, Meditation and Prayer are often used interchangeably, but understood and practised differently, though all are on the same spectrum, and could be seen as three aspects of one quest. The kind of contemplation at issue here has traditional parallels (Insight, Enquiry, Active Investigation, Reflective questioning, Vipassana,  Lectio Divina)  but is new and open-ended as a method. It doesn't demand any particular spiritual orientation, just a desire to look more deeply into the mysteries of life and existence, and to access the hidden wisdom beyond the thinking mind. You can bring to it whatever teachings or framework you are familiar with, and choose the areas you want to explore. A questioning format drives the process, but your insights and realizations do not need to be shared in detail 





Details of individual sessions 

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Structured questioning promotes awareness and insight. 


Meditation helps you still superficial mental activity.

Prayer puts you in relationship to the creative source.