What does a guided contemplation session involve?


Contemplation can be viewed as a state in which there is 'seeing', or insight.  A one-to-one guided session facilitates your own deeper engagement with a theme, question, issue, or experience of your choice, in which there is potential to explore more deeply and reach greater understanding. It aids direction and focus, especially at times when they're lacking. This kind of session begins a process, like planting seeds which in time will grow.

Give your Psyche a voice...

Symbolic forms, images, metaphors arise from deeper layers of mind than thinking can access.

Stimulated by methodical enquiry, they become significant sources of new direction and energy-- thereby giving your psyche a voice, so to speak. 

 Nothing is imposed upon you.

No theoretical model or doctrine directs which way you wish to go, just an attentive questioning process which is both non-invasive and open-ended.

Clarity and the Unexpected work together in to produce insight, aided by a relaxed and quiet mental space. 

The process can enrich any spiritual teaching, while for those who feel lost and confused in the wilderness, it is a place to start......


As facilitator, I have combined forty years of traditional spiritual practice, esoteric training and academic study of mythology and symbolism with a modern innovative  technique* to trial a method of insight appropriate for our global age. Many of the traditional borders of religion and culture are breaking down, but the creative imperative in the human heart -- the urge to explore inner space and to search for meaning, for purpose, for God --is as compelling as it ever was.



Please get in touch if this approach resonates with you.

See also the explanatory pages on meditation and prayer to get a sense of the bigger picture.

* (  'Symbolic Modelling' , developed by James Lawley and Penny Tompkins from the therapeutic method of David Groves. )