Traditional meditation is more than relaxation and stress relief.  It can truly be said that the practice of Meditation is as old as humanity, and that techniques have been handed down through many different systems in all cultures. 

The aim of a genuine meditation practice is always to bring the mind to rest and thus enable a deeper level of experiencing and knowing.  


















Whatever form this experience takes, the perspectives gained can transform everyday living and give direction and strength in handling anxieties and suffering. Meditation puts you in touch with the Highest, however you conceive it. But for this transforming potential, fundamental principles preserved in the wisdom handed down through the ages is indispensable.

Is it for me?
Anyone with interest and the will to try it for oneself can meditate. You do not need an already quiet mind or “calm personality” to begin a deeper contact with the core of your being.


The system I teach is western, and compatible with any spiritual approach.

Meditation instruction is face to face, and without charge, based on the principle that passing on the knowledge of meditation is not for personal gain. 


Blog writings on my other site  Meaning by Design, as well on as on  this , will give more background to my approach:



I have been practising and teaching meditation for over 40 years. See my book , reviewed as a classic of its kind, The Meditator’s Guidebook (Destiny Books, 1996).   I live in Finchley, North London N3